Dr. Shapiro can help you deal more effectively with life's challenges, including depression,
anxiety, difficult emotions and all kinds of limiting beliefs.

If you are interested in seeing Dr. Shapiro for therapy, you may be struggling with depression,
anxiety, unresolved grief, persistent anger or resentment, sexual or gender concerns, or
feelings that something is just not right in your life. Do you feel that something inside prevents
you from fully being the person you'd like to be? Are your relationship dynamics troubling, with
persistent, frustrating patterns that don't lead to resolution? Perhaps you find yourself
repeating unhealthy thoughts, feelings and behaviors that you would like relief from.

Dr. Shapiro uses a variety of therapeutic modalities and approaches to assist people in healing
and recovery from these problems and others. In practice these approaches may blend
together more or less, depending on the situation. She is trained and experienced in
raditional psychotherapy, body-centered psychotherapy, sex therapy, and yoga therapy. You
may also find it helpful to participate in one of her  group yoga classes at Namasté Yoga.

Traditional talk psychotherapy provides a safe space in a non-judgmental atmosphere
to talk through thoughts and feelings about issues in your life, and to work toward new
approaches. Talk therapy helps you become more aware of unproductive emotional and
behavioral patterns and empowers you to find more effective and fulfilling alternatives.

Another approach to healing is body-centered psychotherapy, which is based on the
recognition that all emotions originate in the body. Body-centered therapy uses exploration of
body sensations and of the "felt sense" of moment-to-moment experience as portals to deeper
emotional healing. Mindfulness techniques for practicing present moment awareness are often
included. Body-centered therapeutic practices work on emotional, somatic, and energetic as
well as on psychological and cognitive levels. Deep healing can often be found through
integrating body-centered techniques with traditional talk psychotherapy.

Sex therapy is talk therapy for individuals or couples where the topic is a sexual concern
or problem. Sex therapy can help you with issues such as:

• Performance or other kinds of anxiety, with decreased arousal or difficulty reaching orgasm
• Decreased or increased sexual desire
• Discrepancies in desire level between partners
• Painful intercourse and genital pain
• Genito-Pelvic Pain/Penetration Disorder
• Difficulty with arousal/erections
• Difficulty with orgasm/ejaculations
• LGBTQ/sexual orientation concerns
• Gender dysphoria/transgender/HRT evaluations

Dr. Shapiro will help you evaluate the problem, identify options for change, and suggest
practical homework to help you work toward the changes you desire. Sexual problems in
particular often respond best to an approach that integrates body, mind, emotions, and spirit,
as our sexual self is a reflection of all of these aspects. Often people wait such a long time
before seeking help for sexual problems that they develop various secondary problems, such
as low self-esteem, insecurity, and isolation, as well as anger, resentment, sadness, and
frustration in relationships. Much suffering can potentially be reduced by dealing with sexual
problems when they become evident.

Sexual problems are quite common, even among young people, so you are not alone!
Facing your problems can be challenging, but will help you feel more content, confident,
and empowered in the long run.

Yoga therapy is an emerging field that uses yoga techniques and practices to help people
heal, grow and develop—on multiple levels. "Yoga therapy is the process of empowering
individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of
the philosophy and practice of Yoga." (IAYT)  Dr. Shapiro is trained in yoga therapy.

Get the help you are looking for!

Dr. Shapiro offers private, confidential therapy for individuals, couples, and families.
She also teaches ongoing group yoga classes and offers workshops and retreats in
yoga, meditation, new year visioning, shamanic journeying, and integrating sex and spirit.

To schedule an appointment, call (850) 222-0003 or email:
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Dr. Ellen Shapiro

*Licensed  Psychologist in FL
*SexTherapist AASECT- Certified
*Certified Yoga Teacher
*Co-owner of Namasté Yoga
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